Being a mom is tough work.

Being a homeschool mom is crazy tough work!

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned homeschool mom, these 25 practical tips and words of encouragement will keep you trekking along in your homeschooling journey with your chin up!


Thank you to Pam Barnhill for featuring my post on her Homeschool Solutions Podcast!  You can listen to this post below.

  1. Breathe.

    Yep, the easiest one on the list.  Count backward from 10 and tell yourself it will be okay.  That perfect homeschool you have envisioned doesn’t actually exist.  That’s okay.  For now, take deep breaths and remind yourself of why you homeschool in the first place!

  2. Write down your vision.

    What do you aim to do in your homeschool?  Are you hoping to instill a love for traveling in your kids?  Will you focus on scriptures from the Bible?  Having a vision will help you execute your plan, and execute it well.  Which, by the way, is the next one.

  3. Develop your long-term plan.

    How are you going to turn your vision into a reality?  Where does your focus need to be while you are executing your vision?  What steps do you need to take to make your vision happen?  {See my post on backward planning for homeschool}

  4. Develop your short-term plans.

    I don’t necessarily mean lesson plans.  What are the small steps that will lead to your big picture?  What do you need for tomorrow in order to reach your vision and goals years down the road?

    If you unschool, like we do, this planning binder might help you develop your short-term plans for your days and weeks.

  5. Get your space organized.

    As much as it pains me to say it, an organized homeschool is a vital part of ruling it.  Whether you need to declutter, organize, or all of the above, make your space enjoyable for you and your kids.  Enlist their help as well.

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  6. Create your non-negotiables for each day.

    These might include:

    *essential outdoor time
    see my posts on:
    Encouraging Nature-based Play
    DIY Ant Farm
    DIY Bird Feeder

    *reading time
    see my posts on:
    Helping Your Child Learn to Read
    Tap the Magic Tree Book Exploration Activity 

    *arts and crafts
    see my posts on:
    Essential Materials for Your Art Space
    Art with Kids in a Tiny Living Space
    DIY Night Sky Canvas for Kids to Make

    *Bible stories

    Decide what is the most important that jives with your vision and goals and make it a part of your daily rhythm.  Speaking of rhythm…

    You can grab my newly released Unschooling with Purpose Binder Set Here!  

  7. Develop a daily rhythm.

    This doesn’t have to be by the clock, but some parts of your day should be a little predictable.  Even if it’s just your morning routine with reading at the breakfast table, kids love routine and like to know what to expect.  This is even possible in unschooling.  A general flow of things will help you rule your homeschool! Check out my post on our daily rhythm.

  8. Include household chores in your homeschool routine and enlist the help of your children.

    These are life skills, moms, make them a priority.  A perk of homeschooling is having the time and flexibility to add in some home maintenance.  A happy mama, makes a happy homeschool!

  9. Stop comparing your homeschool to other people’s homeschools.

    This is YOUR home and YOUR homeschool.  Keep on doing what you’re doing and stay focused!

  10. Make time for self-care.

    Laughable, I know.  But, hear me out.  Even if this is a ten minute shower in the middle of the afternoon to keep from pulling your hair out, do it!  If it’s a night out on the town, even better.  Whatever resets your mind, body and soul to help you rule your homeschool.

  11. Meal plan.

    What does that have to do with homeschooling, you ask?  Everything!  Kids eat… A LOT!  Make a calendar for meals and snacks and stick to it.  Better yet, stick some meals in your crock pot and carry on with your life.  Make sure your kids are nourished, so their minds can be also!  {Check out my easy recipes HERE}

  12. Banish the guilt.

    We all have it.  We all hate it.  That stinky feeling of guilt that we are depriving our children of something fabulous.  STOP.IT.  NO.MORE.  The guilt must go.  These are days that should be filled with joy, not filled with us moping over what the could or should do better and differently.  As the song goes… “Let it go…”

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  13. Exercise with your kids.

    Get moving and see how it positively changes your day.  It doesn’t have to be all at once.  Maybe a 15 minute walk to the mailbox, a 30 minute game of catch and a 10 minute dance party.  Whatever gets you moving and grooving.

  14. Don’t freak out if your child isn’t “on grade level”.

    Kids are each created differently and they all learn at their own pace.  Let them.  If something seems REALLY wrong, consult a professional that can assist you.

  15. Make time for your spouse.

    This is IMPORTANT.  You’re in the trenches all day.  You need adult interaction.  Your marriage needs to be nourished, even more so than your homeschool.   Date nights, Netflix binge couch dates, or whatever floats your boat, put this one at the top of your list.  It’s THAT important.


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  16. Educate yourself.

    It seems like time is never on our side.  But, little by little we can still learn and grow as individuals and as teachers.  Whether it’s a podcast {Check out mine HERE}, an e-book or a good ol’ fashioned paperback, stimulate your brain with some new information.  Not only is it good for you, but you’re modeling life long learning for your children also.

  17. Embrace your kids’ interests.

    If your child is interested in animals, visit a farm.  For math, count sheep figurines.  Write and read about animals.  Ask them what they want to learn more about.  After all, this is THEIR education.  You can check out my post on child-led learning HERE.

  18. Deschool yourself and your kids.

    We have this image of what “regular” school looks like.  The 8-hour day, the boring worksheets.  Get that image out of your head and create a homeschool you know is best for YOUR kids.  Maybe you only need 2 hours a day, 4 days a week.  Maybe your day doesn’t start until 11 a.m.  That’s okay.  This is called homeschooling for a reason.  It’s your home and you get to decide what it’s going to look like.

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  19. Be flexible.

    Things happen.  Your fridge might go out, someone will get sick, the toddler will be an emotional mess.  Don’t stress.  Just go with it.  Flexibility is key and is one of the top perks of homeschooling.  Missing a day or two here or there will not be detrimental to your children’s education.

  20. Lower your expectations.

    It’s okay to expect certain things from yourself and your kids, but be realistic.  Usually, us moms need to tone down our expectations by a notch or two.  This isn’t failure, it’s called being realistic.  It will save you and your children a ton of unwanted stress and heartache.

  21. Encourage your kids.

    Let them know how fabulous you think they are.  Kids are hard on themselves, just like we are.  Give them a soft place to land.  Stay as positive as possible, even when things seem rough.

  22. Get outside.

    Connect with nature.  Instill a love for the outdoors in your children.  If you don’t live someplace “outdoorsy”, visit a park as often as possible.  This connection is so valuable for learning and resetting your mood.  Read my post on encouraging nature-based play HERE.

  23. Celebrate and celebrate often.

    Celebrate the hard work, the learning curves, the accomplishments.  Maybe it’s ice cream and a movie, or a trip to the park.  Celebrating the joys in life are important for your kids and for YOU.  It’s what keeps the world turning.

  24. Give yourself and your children GRACE.

    Homeschooling is a learning process for everyone.  There will be ups and downs and it WILL be worth it.

  25. Pray.

    For yourself, your kids, your family and your homeschool.  There is power in prayer!


Being a homeschool mom isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.  But, you can rule your homeschool when you prioritize and take simple steps toward that ideal homeschool you’ve always envisioned.