31 Days to Household Happiness

-31 Days to Household Happiness

Do you feel like your household is lacking when it comes to happiness and peace?  Are you stressed and wondering how on Earth you can push through to create the kind of life your family needs?

Or maybe you’re just feeling kind of blah.

I can help.

Nobody can create the perfect home, but there are ways to make our homes a little bit happier and a lot less stressful.

Join me for 31 days of hot household topics that will change the way you approach your life and your household.

This isn’t a challenge, but rather a way to inspire and encourage you to create the happiest family possible.

Not all of the 31 days will apply to you, and that is okay.  Use what you want and save the rest for later!

>>>>Days 1-7: Stay-at-Home Mom Life<<<<

>> How to Be a Successful Stay-at-Home Mom
>> A Stay-at-Home Mom Schedule That Work

>> Stay-at-Home Mom Depression Symptoms (and What to Do!)
>> Self-Care Ideas for Moms
>> 60 Hobbies for Moms
>> Advice for Husbands of Stay-at-Home Moms
>> An Open Letter to the Stay-at-Home Mom Who Doesn’t Think She’s Enough

>>>>Days 8-14: Marriage <<<<

          >> 7 Signs of an Unhealthy Marriage… and What to Do About It
          >> 12 Awesome Books on Marriage:  Top Picks From a Marriage Therapist
          >> Marriage Therapy: When You Should Go and What to Expect
          >> Money Arguments in Marriage and How to Stop Them
          >> 25 At-Home Dates for Married Couples
          >> Happy Married Life:  Tips for a Healthy Marriage
          >> Encouraging Words for Your Husband:  15 Phrases to Build Him Up

>>>>Days 15-21: Parenting <<<<

>>Parenting Skills:  What Does it Take to Be a Good Parent?
>> How to Stop Temper Tantrums Before They Start
>> Raising Whole Kids in a Broken World
>> 99 Activities To Do With Kids
>> Best Parenting Books:  9 Books That Will Change the Way You Parent
>> Coping Skills for Kids: Simple Ways to Help Kids Manage Emotions
>> Siblings Fighting: Solutions for When You’re at Your Wits End

>>>>Days 22-28: Household Finances <<<<

          >> Money Anxiety and What You Can Do About It
          >> How to Save Money Each Month: 23 Tips You Don’t Want to Miss
          >> 7 Simple Budgeting Tips to Help You Manage Your Money
         >> A Simple and Easy to Use Monthly Budget Template
         >> Where to Buy Second Hand Clothes Online
         >> 7 Money Games for Kids
         >> 9 Financial Literacy Books That Will Inspire You


>>>>Days 29-31 : Your Home <<<<

        >>  How to Create a House Cleaning Schedule That Works for You
        >>  Get Organized: 5 Simple Steps to Organize Your Home
        >>  A Happy Home:  What it REALLY Takes