If there is one piece of the stay-at-home mom puzzle that gets overlooked often, I would have to say it’s the husbands.  Husbands of stay-at-home moms are a huge part of a successful family. There is a ton of advice out there for husbands of stay-at-home moms, some tongue and cheek, but some legitimate and helpful.  I like to think of mine as the legitimate and helpful kind!  

When I started my stay-at-home mom journey, our home felt imbalanced and just a little bit off.  I had been a career-minded woman with no previous plans of becoming a homemaker.  When I quit my job to stay at home, the weight of the world had just been placed on my husband’s shoulders.

It was a tough time.

Eventually, we figured out what our home needed to feel like.  We finally found the balance, but it took a lot of work as a couple to figure it out.

You can find the same balance in your home.  It takes time and working together to accomplish it, but it is doable!  

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advice for husbands of stay at home moms

Here is my advice for husbands of stay-at-home moms that may help.

1 | Date your wife.

Dating your wife should be at the top of your priority list.  This goes for every married couple, but since we are chatting about stay-at-home moms, we will stick to that scenario.

Staying at home with kids is a huge privilege.  

It is a blessing.

It also means that we (stay-at-home moms) don’t really have a lot of adult interaction.  

At best, we can hang out during a play-date with a friend, but even then, conversations are sporadic and sandwiched in between diaper changes and refereeing arguments.

Husbands, this is where you come in.  

Take your wife on dates.

It doesn’t have to be a fancy restaurant or a weekend getaway to Martha’s vineyard, but it could be!

My personal favorite is a night in with my husband. I don’t have to put on make up, or even leave the couch.

A great way to have a date without leaving the house is to grab a Date Night Box.

These boxes are full of crafts, games and more that you can enjoy with your wife.

The cool thing is that you can subscribe to get monthly date night boxes and they are delivered to straight to you.

Another option is the Date Night In Box. It’s the same type of idea, just a different company.

I love both of them equally.

So, grab a box and go on a date! No fuss and no excuses!

advice for husbands of stay at home momsdate your wife

It can be a picnic on the living room floor after the kids go to bed.  Or maybe you can schedule time to sit on the porch together and talk about your day.  

My husband and I consider anything a date these days.  If I actually make it out of our kids’ bedtime routine awake, then watching our favorite t.v. show is sufficient for us.  

What your wife wants is time with you.  Time to have a focused, adult conversation and focused moments together.

2 |  Show your appreciation.

This is at the top of my list when it comes to advice for husbands of stay-at-home moms.  Why? Because being a stay-at-home mom is not for the faint of heart.

Stay-at-home moms are in the trenches of parenthood 24/7.  

That’s not to say that it isn’t a beautiful and wonderful journey, because it is.  But, it is one that often leaves moms exhausted and empty at the end of the day.

The biggest thing that keeps me going is when my husband tells me “thank you” and compliments my job as a stay-at-home mom.  

advice for husbands of stay at home momsshow your appreciationman giving woman flowers

Just hearing his appreciation for what I do all day makes me feel like I can conquer whatever comes my way.

Maybe your wife enjoys time to herself.  You can show your appreciation by giving her a few hours a week to do her own thing.  

Whatever her love language is, figure it out and show your appreciation for her hard work.

love coupons for her

3 | Give your wife time to herself.

Even the best of stay-at-home moms can benefit from having time to themselves from time to time.  

Whether it is a night out with friends, or a 30 minute shower, your wife will be refreshed and rejuvenated after getting some time to do what she wants. 

You can grab these printable coupons for your wife as a way to encourage time to herself!  

I am a huge introvert and that makes staying at home with kids pretty tricky.  I have to make sure I get plenty of time to myself to think and just be.

But not only introverted moms need time alone.  

Make sure that your wife, no matter what, has the ability to leave the kids with you and do something for herself.  

advice for husbands of stay at home moms

Even if it is a quick jog around the neighborhood.  It counts!

Of course, extended time to herself will really help her rejuvenate, but catching even a 10 minute break from kiddos when you get home from work is also a great way for her to stay sane.

I can’t count how many times I have taken five minutes to lay on the bed, alone, and scroll through my phone after my husband gets home from work.

He knows that when I have had a challenging day, I need to reset, and he encourages it.

Encourage your wife to take some “time off” with no guilt or strings attached.  You will be amazed at how much this will impact your family!

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4| Don’t minimize her role as a stay-at-home mom.

No, your wife may not be contributing financially, but she is definitely contributing to the well-being of your kids and your family as a whole.  A mom’s role is so important in the lives of your child.

Being a stay-at-home mom is a demanding role.  It is a role that requires patience and graciousness every single day.  

This role isn’t one to be minimized.  Bringing home a paycheck is not the only thing that deserves respect in a marriage.   

5 | Help around the house.

Yes, I know that us moms are “home all day long” so helping around the house might seem a bit silly.  

But just because we are stay-at-home moms doesn’t mean that our attention can be on housework the entire day.  

Kids need to be fed, clothed and loved.  That, in itself, can take up the whole day. That’s okay.  It should.

advice for husbands of stay at home moms

Kids need to explore the world around them and that means that we actually aren’t home every day of the week.  

So, if your wife has 10 loads of laundry to fold and a sink full of dishes, jump in and help every once in a while.

I promise your efforts will not go unnoticed!

Final advice for husbands of stay-at-home moms.

Staying at home with kids is a great blessing, and it’s also a journey that needs a lot of support from husbands.  It’s important to make your wife feel loved and appreciated while ensuring that she has time to herself.

You will see your efforts in the well-being of your wife, as well as your family!