Once you get married and have kids, that thing called dating becomes almost non-existent.  I have heard of those couples (fictitious, maybe?) who have their scheduled date night once a month and everything is fine and dandy.  But, for folks like us, at home dates are where it’s at!

My husband and I are really bad about scheduling dates, following through with them and basically just having the energy to peel ourselves off of the couch when the week is over and done with.

We much prefer staying at home to going out.  It’s easier on us, easier on our kids and we don’t have to dress up or drive anywhere!  Big time bonuses there!

So, if you don’t really want to leave the house, but you still want to spend time together, have an at-home date night!

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at home date ideas for married couples

Here are some ideas for your at-home date night!

1 | Picnic lunch (or dinner) on the living room floor.

2 | Movie night in the driveway.

3 | Dress up for a candlelit dinner at home.

4 | Game tournament with your favorite board or card games.

5 | Take a walk around your neighborhood.

6 | Get to know each other better with a book like All About Us or If:  Questions for the Game of Love.

7 | Have an old-school video game tournament.

8 | Do a puzzle together.

9 | Take turns reading a book out loud to each other.

10 | Do some genealogy digging on your families’ history.

11 | Use YouTube videos to learn how to dance.

12 | Work out together.

13 | Watch birds in your backyard (or any other wildlife you might have!).

14 | Sit by the fire and relax–chat about nothing or everything.

15 | Learn how to make your own wine or beer at home.

16 | Prepare a delicious 5-course meal together.

17 | Work on a house project together.

18 | Subscribe to an at-home date night subscription box delivery (Here is a list!).

19 | Paint a portrait of each other.

20 | Exchange massages.

21 | Listen to your favorite music together and dance or just hang out.

22 | Look up funny memes or jokes together online.

23 | Look at the night sky and find the constellations.

24 | Have an ice cream date on the couch.

25 | Watch your wedding video and/or look at the photo album and reminisce.  

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