Going on a beach vacation is such a fun experience. Toes in the water, toes in the sand!

Toddlers love the never-ending sand and surf and even babies enjoy watching the waves and playing in the sand. There are so many great memories to make on a beach vacation.

Making sure you don’t miss things on your beach vacation packing list is important so you aren’t running to the store or stuck on an island without the essentials you need for your toddler or baby.

Been there, done that.  Trust me!  Being without things you need for your baby or toddler is frustrating.

This beach vacation packing list will help you remember everything you need for your toddler or baby so you can get to the beach, with ease, and enjoy yourself!


Beach Vacation Packing List for Baby and Toddler. Must have items for the beach.

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A safe and non-toxic sunscreen is a necessity when packing for your beach vacation.  We use Babyganics mineral-based sunscreen.  It has proven to be an effective sunscreen– my kids have never burned and we are outside A LOT.  What I love about the Babyganics sunscreen lotion is that it lasts FOREVER!  It takes a long time to finish the tube, which makes me a super happy customer!

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Swimsuits and Hats

Other essentials for your beach vacation packing list are swimsuits and hats.  I always prefer to get the swimsuit that covers the most skin when I’m shopping for my baby or toddler.  This limits their exposure to the sun and means less sunscreen that you have to use.

The hats that I prefer for babies and toddlers are the ones shown above.  This type of hat protects their faces and necks from getting too much sun.  Perfect for your beach vacation.

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Kids’ beach towels are a top priority for your beach vacation packing list.  While you can always use an adult sized towel, I prefer to get my kids their own towels so we can tell all of ours apart.  I would also suggest getting more than one towel for each child for your beach vacation, since there will be sand EVERYWHERE.

| 4 |
Beach Canopy Pool 

If you’re worried about your baby or toddler being in the sun too much, THIS beach canopy is the perfect addition to your beach vacation packing list.  Not only does it provide plenty of shade, but it can also be filled with water to keep your baby or toddler cool.   

| 5 |
Beach Baby Play Area


One of the hardest things when you are on a beach vacation with a toddler or baby (or both!) is finding a place for them to crawl and sit without being directly in the sand all.the.time.  THIS Beach Baby Play Area is a quick and easy way to set up a play area without bringing the clunky and heavy playpen.  Not only will it give your toddler or baby a break from the sand, but will also keep them out of the wind.  

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Beach Umbrella or Pop-Up Canopy


A beach umbrella like THIS one or a pop-up canopy like THIS are GREAT for times when you can drive and bring something large on your beach vacation.  Having one of these will provide a ton of shade for when your baby or toddler needs a break.  You can put the umbrella or canopy over  THIS Beach Baby Play Area, mentioned above, and have a complete set-up that ensures your baby or toddler is comfortable on your beach vacation.  

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Floating Devices

This is one thing you definitely DO NOT want to forget on your beach vacation packing list.  Finding the perfect floatie is hard when you are trying to find one for a toddler or baby.  The Spring Float with Sun Canopy  is excellent for kids until about 2 years old, and then the Swim Armbands Trainer jackets provide a more independent, yet safe swimming experience for toddlers.

| 8 |
Sand Toys

Don’t forget the sand toys on your beach vacation packing list!  Your baby or toddler will LOVE getting to shovel sand and play with the beach ball.  These will literally be played with for HOURS on the beach!  

|9 |
Swim Diapers

Swim diapers are another must-have on your beach vacation packing list.  You can go for the disposable swim diapers like these, or the reusable diapers like these.  No matter which one you prefer, don’t forget to add them to your beach vacation packing list so you aren’t scrambling on your vacation!  

| 10 |
Snacks and Drinks

Dare I say that snacks and drinks, that stay cold, should be at top of your beach vacation packing list?  These supplies will help you keep your toddler and baby food cold so they can enjoy their beach time and stay full and hydrated!  The stainless steel snack holder and stainless steel storage bowls are perfect for keeping your toddler and baby snacks cool and fresh all day long.  Keep them in this extra large insulated cooler bag with long lasting ice packs  and add in the stainless steel sippy cup for water and your baby or toddler will be set for your beach vacation!

These items are essential for your beach vacation packing list!  Make sure to get a head start on packing for your baby or toddler and don’t forget to throw in these awesome things that will make your beach vacation a total success!

Have you gone on a beach vacation with your toddler or baby?  How was it?  What did you bring?