I love a good deal.  I mean, who doesn’t?  And one thing I totally don’t mind buying used, is clothes.  I used to care, though.  Actually, I wouldn’t even put second hand clothing on my first baby.  Seriously.  It was new clothes, or she wasn’t going to wear it.  Period.  Maybe I would have felt differently if I knew how much money and time I could save by shopping for used clothes online!  

Hindsight is 20/20.  In the long-run, it really doesn’t matter if kids (or adults) wear used clothes.  But, I was a brand new mom, with no clue of how expensive it is to have a kid.  Not to mention, how complicated shopping in stores would become. 

Now, I consider myself a used clothing guru.  No, I’m not going to put my kids in stained clothes, but I sure am not going to shy away from buying clothes that are in excellent condition and at least half of the retail price.  Kids grow fast and it seems impossible to keep up (financially and physically) with their clothing needs.  Don’t even get me started on season changes!  

Since I’ve become a mom (especially after baby #2 started walking), I most definitely prefer online shopping over physical store shopping to get the job done.  It’s less stressful and impulse buys just don’t happen as much.  For the amount of clothing that I have to replace throughout the year, it just makes sense to shop for used clothing online.  I was so excited when I found some awesome sites to buy from!  

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Where to Buy Second Hand Clothing Online


reStitch is a thrift boutique, run by Goodwill.  Women’s clothing are available on their website for deeply discounted prices.  You can often find a great coupon code to knock even more off of your price, like this one:    15% Off Your First Purchase. Code: THRIFT15.

The mission of reStitch is to provide a place for employment through their store AND to keep old clothes out of landfills.  So, not only do you have a convenient place to buy second hand clothes, but you’re also helping them reach their goals!


Schoola is a unique fundraising program that gives 40% of its proceeds to schools.  With the ability for donations by mail, this online thrift shop has an amazing selection with great deals!  

You can grab 50% off your first order with code FIRST50OFF at Schoola.com or a really cool deal is when you send a friend $15 off to shop the amazing deals on children’s clothes at Schoola.com and get $15 off too.

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Swap.com is a huge, online consignment and thrift store.  The clothes range from women’s to kids to maternity.  They even have a clearance section and toys!

Every time I go to their website, they are running a promotional coupon, so you can grab their items for even less.


If you love buying your kids boutique-type clothing, but hate paying the prices, look no further!  This online thrift shop has amazing deals for the most adorable clothes.  You can put items on consignment and get 50% back, or shop their amazing store.  A lot of their items come new with tags!

Lilladu Exchange

Lilladu Exchange has the coolest concept for dressing your kids nicely, while saving money.  You can buy “wardrobe boxes” for your kids, and a personal shopper will put the clothing together, based on a survey you take.

The clothes are adorable and there is no subscription required!

Final thoughts on buying second hand clothing online.

I love for my kids to look adorable, but I cannot justify spending a ton of money on clothes that only fit until their next growth spurt.  Honestly, I don’t really like the idea of clothes shopping in a store either because I don’t have a ton of time or patience to do it. 

Buying second hand clothes online makes it easy to accomplish great looks for your kids AND you, with saving money from the comfort of your computer.  Not only do you save money, but you can also make money when you put clothes on consignment.  Win-win!  


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