Are you struggling with your child’s behavior issues?  Have you hit a dead-end when it comes to stopping the chaos in your home?  Or, maybe you are just looking for some positive ways to tweak your parenting.

If you are looking to improve your child’s behavior and your parenting, you are in the right place! And you are NOT alone!

Child Behavior Solutions is a podcast where you will get insight, advice, tips and tricks, straight to your earbuds.  I talk to experts, weekly, so subscribe and tune in, to stay connected.  


Getting on the Same Page as Parents | Episode 8

Today our interview is with Danielle Bettmann of Wholeheartedly.  She is a very gifted parenting coach, who just "gets it". In today's episode, we talk about: Examples of good cop/bad cop dynamic in parenting.  Signs that parents are NOT on the same page. Why it's...

Keeping Kids Safe Around Dogs

If you have kids and dogs, or you want to add a furry pet to your family, this is a must-listen episode!   Michelle Stern shares her insight on how to raise kids with dogs and how to keep everyone safe.   In this episode we chat about:  Traits that families can look...

Tantruming, Whining and Yelling and What You Can Do as a Parent

Is your child whining, yelling or tantruming?  This is a common behavior in children and it can be so disheartening and frustrating for parents.  But fear not!  Today we are talking to Jocelyn Wood, a speech language pathologist, and she is going to fill us in on how...

Is My Teen in a Toxic Relationship? Episode 5

In today's interview, I'm talking to Sarah K. Ramsey, a very successful toxic relationship recovery specialist, on how to identify if your teen is in a toxic relationship.  We talk about Sarah's unique story and how she got started with her line of work. We also chat...

Parenting Mindset Change to Respectful Parenting | Episode 1

Today I am chatting with Sami Bell, founder of SURE Parenting.  We talk all about how you can experience a parenting mindset change to respectful parenting.  Sometimes our children's perceived behavior issues stem from our perception of them and how we approach...


Katrina is the voice behind the popular parenting blog, Rule This Roost.  She has worked with children in a variety of professions, including teaching and coaching teachers, a residential treatment center staff member for young girls, and as a foster care case manager

Katrina has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Forensic Psychology, as well as a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration.

In addition to her education, Katrina has done extensive training and research in positive behavior intervention systems, child development, physical causes behind behavior issues, and positive and respectful parenting.

As a now, homeschooling mom of three, Katrina aims to remove the stigma behind parenting and child behavior challenges, while providing a place for parents to get expert advice.