The best thing you can do in your financial journey is educate yourself about money matters. Not only are financial literacy books educational, but they are also inspiring. When you read other people’s stories about wealth and money management, you will be motivated to do the same with your money.

Not all financial literacy books are created equally. Some will give you purpose and some will bore you to tears. I have compiled a list of my favorite books on money that are entertaining, educational, inspirational and easy to read.

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9 Financial Literacy Books that Will Inspire You to Get Your Finances in Order

Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

This book was the beginning of our journey into building wealth.  When we found ourselves with too many payments and not much to show for our hard work, we soaked up as much information as we could and followed Dave Ramsey’s steps to dig ourselves out of our hole.

Dave Ramsey also has a talk show that you can listen to with more inspiration to keep you on the right financial track.

The Millionaire Next Door  by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko

When I read this book, I was in awe at who the millionaires next door actually are.  It’s not who you think it is.  Not only was this book inspirational and educational, it was also an eye-opener as to how millionaires live minimally.  You will not be disappointed with this read!

The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach

Yes, the books is as exciting as the title!  No, it’s not a scheme or a gimmick.  This New York Times Bestseller covers what no other finance book does– a ONE step plan to becoming rich.  The plan that David Bach outlines can be set up in one hour and he gives phone numbers, websites and apps so you can easily get going.

Love Your Life, Not Theirs by Rachel Cruze

The most damaging thing we can do when it comes to finances, is compare ourselves to other people.  Rachel Cruze nails it on the head with her approach to money management.  From paying off debt, to how to talk to your spouse about money, this book outlines seven ways to handle your finances.

Retire Inspired by Chris Hogan

Maybe you aren’t of retirement age yet, or even close to it.  That’s okay.  This book should be read YEARS before you plan on retiring.  Chris Hogan walks you through the planning stages of retirement, from investments to building wealth and living out your golden years with dignity.

Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin

With more than a million copies sold, this book is a must when it comes to educating yourself about money and your life.  This book is different than others, in that it helps you to make a paradigm shift from trying to get ahead, to living your life with what you have in an organized and successful way.

Unshakeable:  Your Financial Freedom Playbook by Tony Robins

Tony Robins is a New York Times Bestselling Author.  It’s no wonder why.  He teams up with the #1 financial advisor in the US, Peter Mallouk to show you how to quickly reach your financial goals and become unshakeable.  Together, they illustrate how to make your financial decisions based on logic, not fear, which grips so many Americans in today’s society.

How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck by Avery Breyer

Who DOESN’T want to quit living paycheck to paycheck?  The premise behind this book is to spend less than 15 minutes per week managing your money.  It covers paying off debt, building an emergency fund and making sure you aren’t committing any budgeting no-nos that will sabotage your financial success.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Originally published in 1937, this iconic book has been revamped for today’s society.  From decision making to making a solid plan for building wealth, this book is an absolute inspiration.  The idea behind this book is that you have to believe in yourself and have faith that you will succeed and you will!

Final thoughts on these 9 financial literacy books.

The above recommendations are an excellent start to your financial journey.  They are not get-rich-quick schemes, nor do they promise that building wealth is easy.  What you will find is that the inspiration and knowledge that you gain from these books will get your vision and goals solidified so you can start making changes in your life.  Enjoy!