If you’re looking for gifts for outdoorsy kids, you are in the right place!  

My kids love to spend time outside and when Christmas and birthdays roll around, I sometimes struggle to find the perfect gifts.  

You might be in the same predicament. 

Whether you are shopping for Christmas gifts, or birthday gifts, it can be really hard to find gifts for outdoorsy kids that are meaningful.   

I have carefully curated a looooong list of gifts for outdoorsy kids that any outdoor-loving kiddo will love. 

Happy shopping! 🙂

gifts for outdoorsy kids

What makes the best gifts for outdoorsy kids?

✔ Engaging + Fun
Gifts for outdoorsy kids definitely need to be engaging and fun.

You don’t want to purchase something, only for it to be left to rot away in the yard.

✔ Hands on + Educational
This list of gifts for outdoorsy kids is compiled of only the best when it comes to being hands on and education.

I want my kids learning as much as possible with gifts, and you most likely do too!

✔ Age Appropriate
Make sure that you choose gifts that are age-appropriate for the kiddo they’re being given to.

There’s nothing more disappointing for a 2 year old than a climbing dome they can’t use until they’re 4, or an 8 year old receiving something better suited for a toddler.

✔ Quality
Our kids have had their fair share of junk gifts and I don’t mean that in a rude way.

I’ve been the culprit in giving our kids stuff they won’t use, or will only use once before it breaks.

Make sure the gift you choose has high ratings and is made of quality material.

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Clothing Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

World’s Best Bug Catcher T Shirt

Is your child a pro bug-catcher? Gift them this adorable shirt to let the world know.

Animal Tracks T-Shirt

This is the perfect shirt for nature-loving kiddos. Who doesn’t get excited about seeing animal tracks? Now your child can wear them on his or her shirt.

May The Forest Be With You Shirt 

Any nature-loving kid will love this funny shirt. It’s the perfect mix of fun and the outdoors.

Types Of Insects Bug Identification T-Shirt

More bug paraphernalia for the child who can’t get enough of the bug life!

 “Plant More Trees” T-Shirt

This adorable shirt is an excellent gift for kids who love nature and want to help preserve it.

Planet T-Shirt

This cozy t-shirt is the perfect wardrobe addition for kids who love the earth and nature.

“Today Will Be Tree-mendous” T-Shirt

I just love this cute and funny tree tee for kids. It’s soft and can be worn on all of those outdoor adventures.

“And Into the Forest I Go” T-Shirt

If you have a nature-loving, hike-loving kiddo in your house, this t-shirt will speak to their heart.

Critter Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

Microscope Video Camera for Kids

This is my daughter’s top favorite gift she’s received. It’s the coolest microscope, with the ability to video and upload it onto the computer. We’ve watched baby spiders emerge from their nest, and more.

Beginner’s Microscope Kit

My son has this beginner’s microscope and it has been beyond fun to look at things under the lens. It comes with a kit full of slides, brine shrimp eggs to hatch and more. This will be a popular gift for kids who love taking a closer look at the world around them.

Picnic Table Squirrel Feeder 

We try to embrace the squirrels in our yard (even though they eat tomatoes from my garden). This adorable picnic table feeder is great for setting up with corn and watching squirrels sit at their “table.”

Bee House

This is a neat gift for kids who are amazing by bees. It is a cute addition to any yard. Just proceed with caution!

Tadpole Tank and Hydroponic Garden (with Live Tadpole Voucher)

Growing tadpoles into frogs has been one of the best gift ideas our kids have received. The stages of development are amazing and kids love to watch them grow.

Wooden Insect Hotel

How cute is this insect hotel? This little bug house gives plenty of cracks and crevices for bugs to hide. Your little bug lover can go check on the house to see what insects have invaded!

Ladybug Land {With LIVE Ladybug Voucher}

Bugs.bugs.bugs. Our kids love them all! This is a great gift for kids who also love bugs, specifically ladybugs.

Worm Farm

Is childhood even complete without a worm farm? This is a great gift for kids who dig around in the dirt to hunt for worms and creatures. They will love this sneak peak into a worm’s life.

Lighted Ant Farm

A lighted ant farm is a must for children. Ants are the busiest creatures around and watching them is simply amazing. My kids still ask for ant farms because we have had so much fun watching them tunnel and eat. They’re simply amazing.

Roly Poly Farm

Got a roly-poly lover on your hands? This cute little playground is fun to put roly-polies in to watch them play. A simple, yet fun gift to give.

Critter Habitat With Light

For outdoorsy kids, critter habitats are a must and this one even comes with a light. We have kept snakes, insects, snails and more in our critter carriers.

  Book:  Ultimate Bugopedia: The Most Complete Bug Reference Ever

This is the ultimate bug book for kids who love bugs. Your kiddo will love the facts and pictures in this book.

Rocks and Minerals Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

Rock Tumbler Starter Kit

Every rock-loving kiddo needs a rock tumbler! Find rocks, put them in the tumbler and see what kind of beautiful rocks you truly have.

Toysmith Rock Science Kit


Your rock-lover will learn how to test, classify and identify different rocks in this kit. It comes with 15 rocks, a magnifying glass, and an ID guide.

  Break Open Real Geodes Kit

This is a top favorite gift in our house. There is nothing like breaking open a geode to see what kind of beauty is inside. This gift is an excellent choice for rock lovers.

  Book:  Rocks, Fossils & Arrowheads: Take-Along Guide

Hunting for fossils and arrowheads is a favorite among kids and adults in our house! Having a guide book when you’re rockhounding is a must! This is a great book to carry along when your kid is on the hunt for rocks, fossils and/or arrowheads.

Mega Gemstone Mine Dig Kit

This is another well-loved gift in our house. It comes with a beautiful learning guide and the gemstones are absolutely gorgeous.


Weather Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

Be Amazing! Toys Weather Science Lab

If your outdoor-loving kid loves learning about the weather, then this could be the perfect gift. This kit is best for kids 8 and up and has 20 science projects related to weather.

You-Track-It Weather Lab

This is the most adorable gift for the aspiring meteorologist in your life. Have a kid who loves tracking rainfall? Seeing how fast the wind blows? The You-Track-It Weather Lab is a great mini kit for a kiddo who wants to stay up-to-date on the weather happenings outdoors.

My First Weather Station (Digital)

If your kids are anything like mine, they love to know the temperature outside before they actually step foot outdoors. This is the perfect gift for a kid who loves to be prepared weather-wise. This digital thermometer will tell the outdoor and indoor temperature

What-to-Wear Wireless Weather 

Not only does this digital thermometer tell your kiddo the temperatures indoor and out, but it will also tell them what layers to wear for the day. How cool!

Book:  Extreme Weather: Surviving Tornadoes, Sandstorms, Hailstorms, Blizzards, Hurricanes, and More!

Read about all things extreme weather with this amazing book by National Geographic Kids.

Book:  The Kids’ Book of Weather Forecasting

Looking for the perfect gift for a budding meteorologist? This book has activities and information to keep kids engaged and learning about weather.


Solar System Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

Solar System Planetarium

Grab this 3D, hands-on craft project that also reinforces the make up of solar system. Kiddos who love learning about the planets will adore this planetarium.

Celestron 70mm Travel Scope

Bring the solar system straight to the back porch with this telescope. It’s perfect for beginners and even comes with a two-year warranty.

Solar System Projector Night Light

This cool device projects images of planets and stars onto your walls and ceiling, creating an amazing starry sky effect. It’s perfect for kids of all ages, and makes a great addition to any bedroom or nursery.

 Book:  50 Things to See With a Telescope 

This book provides detailed information on fifty different objects that can be seen through a telescope. Bundle it with a telescope and it’s perfect for beginner astronomers who want to learn more.

Book:  Planets, Moons and Stars: Take-Along Guide

Your kid will love how this take-alone guide brings the universe to life. With stunning images and easy-to-follow instructions, this guide makes learning about space fun and easy.

Book:  The Everything Kids’ Astronomy Book

Do you have a little one who is fascinated by the stars? If so, this book is perfect for them! The Everything Kids’ Astronomy Book is a comprehensive guide that will teach your child all about astronomy. From planets to galaxies, and more, they will learn it all This book is perfect for budding astronomers of all ages.

Ultimate Explorer Field Guide: Night Sky

Does your kiddo love stargazing? The Ultimate Explorer Field Guide: Night Sky is the perfect resource for kids who want to learn more about the stars. This book contains everything they need to know about astronomy, from the planets in our solar system to black holes and beyond!

Butterfly Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

Live Butterfly Growing Kit Gift Box Set {With LIVE Caterpillars}

My kids still request butterfly growing kits each year! This is the PERFECT gift for any kiddo who loves butterflies. It teaches them about metamorphosis and you can watch the caterpillars turn into butterflies. Kids of all ages will love this gift.

3-Pack of Extendable Butterfly/Insect Nets

You can never have too many nets for kids who love the outdoors. We’ve used these nets for butterflies, minnows and more. They are good quality and affordable, making them a great gift.

Book:  Caterpillars, Bugs and Butterflies: Take-Along Guide

For kiddos who want to learn more about butterflies, this take-along guide offers facts, activities and more.

Book:  Caterpillars: Field Guide

My kids (and I) are always curious to know what caterpillars grow into what butterflies. This field guide will help your child identify caterpillars they see outside.

Book:  Butterflies: Field Guide

Another great field guide to add to your child’s collection. Butterfly lovers will enjoy taking this guide along on nature walks to help identify the beautiful insects around them.

Take-Along Guides for Outdoorsy Kids

Snakes, Salamanders & Lizards: Take-Along Guide

You either love them or hate them… the creepy crawlies of the world. If your kiddo loves snakes, salamanders and lizards, they need this guide to help them identify species and learn fun facts.

Frogs, Toads & Turtles: Take-Along Guide

For the frog, toad and turtle lovers, this take-alone guide will help them identify the animals they see in the wild. It also has educational activities for kids to enjoy.

  Seashells, Crabs and Sea Stars: Take-Along Guide

This is the perfect guide for the kiddo who loves finding beach critters. There are fun activities, facts and more.

  Tracks, Scats and Signs: Take-Along Guide

Having a scat guide is a must-do gift for an outdoorsy kid. It’s fun to go on nature walks and try to figure out what creatures have been around, based on their scat.

 Rabbits, Squirrels and Chipmunks: Take-Along Guide

Who doesn’t love rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks? This guide is the perfect gift for the kid who loves fuzzy, wild creatures.


Book:  Fun With Nature: Take Along Guide

This is a hard cover book that is a compilation of the following guides: Caterpillars, Bugs and Butterflies; Frogs, Toads and Turtles; Snakes, Salamanders and Lizards; Rabbits, Squirrels and Chipmunks; Tracks, Scats and Signs; and Trees, Leaves and Bark.

Bird Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

Mason Jar Hummingbird Feeder

This is a simple, yet very intriguing gift for bird-loving kiddos. Fill it up and enjoy watching the different types of birds that come to enjoy a snack.

Owl Pellets- Set of 5

Owl pellets are a science lesson that is not soon forgotten. Owl pellets are a science lesson that is not soon forgotten. See what an owl has eaten by dissecting owl pellets. This gift will be enthralling for nature-loving and outdoorsy kids of all ages.

Clear Window Bird Feeder

There is nothing quite like having a bird right up against the window. If your kiddo watches carefully, they can see all different types of birds, up close and personal from this clear window feeder.

Backyard Birds: Field Guide

Your kiddo can grab this field guide and head outside to identify all the birds they see. It’s a great, small design and easy to carry along on nature walks.

Sibley Backyard Birds Matching Game

Here is a great gift for when your outdoorsy kid wants to bring some nature indoors. They will love this BINGO game with 50 birds to identify.

Birds, Nests & Eggs: Take-Along Guide

The Birds, Nests and Eggs: Take-Along Guide will help your child identify 15 different birds and learn how they create their nests. This is an excellent guide to help bird-loving kids learn more about birds and their amazing abilities.

Water Discovery Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table 

Our toddler loves to play in this water table! Even the big kids join in sometimes. There are plenty of accessories that come along, so it doesn’t get boring!

Waterfall Discovery Wall Playset

This is another toddler favorite. Actually, anything with water is! This waterfall playset will keep your toddler occupied for a long time, as they learn cause and effect using the water cups and accessories.

Underwater Flashlight

How cool is this? An underwater flashlight that kids can take swimming, or use on dry land. Heck, when the nature walks are over and the sun goes down, they can even bring into the bath tub to keep having fun.

Blue Cosmo Beads Water Beads and Growing Sea Life Characters {For Sensory Table}

This is a super cool gift, but a word of caution: Do not allow kids play with it who are still putting things in their mouths and keep away from babies. Other than that, it offers hours of entertainment in a sensory table.

EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem with Revolving Base

This gift is great for older kids. It has an entire ecosystem inside the closed sphere. There is no maintenance and it’s engineered by NASA technology. Definitely an awesome gift!


Composting and Recycling Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

See-Through Compost Container

Your kids can watch composting take place before their very eyes. This see-through container is sure to entertain and teach excellent lessons about composting and using plastic vs. paper.

Book:  Composting: Nature’s Recyclers

This book is full of information on composting and the illustrations are amazing! Your little nature lover will enjoy learning all they can about composting with this book.

Book:  The Adventures of an Aluminum Can: A Story About Recycling

This book is an excellent way to teach kids about recycling and taking care of our planet. It’s fun and informative and the best gift for outdoorsy kids.

Book:  The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle: A Story About Recycling

Another book from the “Little Green Books” series. Your kids will enjoy reading through this funny book about a plastic bottle and the adventure he goes on.

Book:  Compost Stew: An A to Z Recipe for the Earth

This composting book will teach kids how to compost and how it helps our earth. They’ll learn how to start a compost pile and what is safe to compost. An awesome little book to get your kids wheels turning on composting!

Gardening Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

  Deluxe Garden Root Viewer with Seeds

This root viewer gives kids an up-close and personal look at what takes place below the dirt when a plant is growing. It includes soil, radish, carrot, green onion seeds. Plant them and then wait to see what happens!

Gardening Tools Set for Kids

These gardening tool sets are great for 8 and under. Our kids wore out their sets because they loved using them so much. The tools and bag come in vibrant colors so they won’t be easily lost. If you’re anything like us, that’s a huge win!

Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

The Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium gives your kid a chance to grow their very own ecosystem. The kit comes with different seeds, sand and potting mix, plus stickers and more. It’s fun, artsy. and educational. Definitely a must-give gift.

Pressed Flower Art Kit

When your outdoorsy kid wants to bring some nature inside, this is the perfect gift. This flower-pressing kit can be used to create all sorts of things from flowers found outside. A gift that mixes creativity with nature–you can’t beat that.

Flower Press and Nature Cards

This is another flower pressing kit that is geared toward younger kids. They can make beautiful bookmarks and other creations using this kit.

Exotic Vegetables Growing Kit

This exotic vegetable growing kit comes with seeds for 4 different exotic vegetables. Your kiddo can watch purple carrots, black corns, yellow cucumbers, and space broccoli grow from seeds. This is the perfect gift for a kid who loves to garden!

Book:  Berries, Nuts, And Seeds: Take-Along Guide

If your kids are anything like mine, they want to know about every detail of nature, including what’s laying on the ground. This guide will help identify berries, nuts and seeds, where to find them and who eats them.

Book: Wildflowers, Blooms & Blossoms: Take-Along Guide

This is another wonderful take-along guide to identify wildflowers, blooms and blossoms out in nature. You can give this gift alone, or bundle it with another take-along guide from this list.

Book:  Trees, Leaves & Bark: Take-Along Guide

How cool is it to be able to identify trees when you go outside, or know how long a tree will live? This take-along guide will help your child decipher between trees, show them the different bark varieties and tell them where certain trees can be found.


Outdoor Games and Activities for Kids

Giant Outdoor Wooden Tic Tac Toe Game

Is your outdoorsy kid looking for a fun game to play while still being outside in the fresh air? This is a fun game for the whole entire family and a great gift for any kid.

Go Find It! {Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Game}

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? Is your kid up to the challenge? This is a great scavenger hunt that will add some excitement into the great outdoors.

  Backyard Box {Outdoor Nature Activities for Kids}

I love this simple, yet beautiful Backyard Box of Nature Activities for Kids. It comes with 60 nature ideas for kids to do. It’s best for ages 3-10, and really spans across a variety of activities.

Sand Toys

For most kids 5 and under, a sand toy set can be used in many, many ways. Our kids not only use their sand toys at the beach, but also in the backyard as they dig in their fort and funnel dirt through this toy.

Set of Lawn Darts {Glow in the Dark}

A very popular gift for older kiddos, the glow in the dark darts may not be a “nature” gift, but your outdoorsy kid will still love playing outside when the sun goes down. The whole family can get in on this game!

Giant Four in a Row Game

Who doesn’t love this classic game? Put an extra twist on it by playing it in your backyard. This is a great gift for older kids who love nature, but also love to pause for some fun games every now and then.

“Pop Fly” Outdoor Game

This game is for 5 and up, but all ages will love playing. First, you throw bean bags at the game base and then you try to catch the balls that come flying out once the bean bags hit the “button”. So.much.fun.

Beginner Slackline

I wish I would have kept track of how many hours my kids have spent on their slack line. It’s A LOT. This is a great gift for agility and doing tricks. You can add obstacles on to your slackline to give it an extra challenge. I recommend this for only ages 5 and up, as it can get a little wobbly at times.

Spider Swing

This is another VERY loved gift in our home. You may as well get one for each kid, because they will battle it out to have their turn on it. But, good news! It will fit more than one kiddo. It can be hung from an existing playscape, or from a tree.

Sand Table 

If you have a sand-loving toddler, this sand table is a must. It comes with  2 shovels, 2 claw rakes, and a bucket, but you can add all sorts of goodies to make it more fun. We’ve at ours since our oldest was a toddler, and it’s lasted through rain and snow and many, many hours of playing.

Geometric Dome Climber

Our backyard “playground” was completed when we put this dome climber up for our kids to play on. This is a great gift for kids who can’t get enough of hanging upside down, climbing up high and seeing things from a taller height. My kids have even draped a tarp over it to make a fort. We love this climbing dome!

 Zip Line

Our kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their zipline. I would recommend this for ages 7 and up, but a brave youngster could also give it a whirl. Just be advised that it does have some kickback when you hit the spring at the end to stop. Our kids have ziplined in the dark, in the rain, sleet, you name it. It holds up to 200+ pounds, so mom, dad, or grandparents can give it a go as well.


Hiking Gifts for Outdoorsy Kids

Backyard Safari Cargo Vest

This is a great vest for your little hiker. It features plenty of pockets and compartments to store all sorts of gear, and it is made from sturdy materials that will hold up against even the roughest terrain. Your child will love wearing this vest while on their next outdoor adventure!

Backyard Safari Hat

Bundle this adorable adventure hat with the vest above, for the perfect gift for your outdoorsy kid! This hat is made of lightweight materials and features an adjustable strap for a comfortable, customized fit.

Orienteering Compass

Every outdoor adventurer needs a compass in their adventure kit! It’s perfect for map reading and finding your way on hikes out in nature.

Binoculars for Kids

Kids love looking at the world around them through a different lens, and with a good pair of binoculars, they can explore nature, see far-off animals, and so much more. This is a great gift for the child who loves nature, but has everything already!

Backyard Safari Mini Lantern

This small, but mighty light is perfect for illuminating your child’s path while they explore the great outdoors. It’s the perfect outdoor companion.

Lighted Magnifying Glass

A lighted magnifying glass is a great tool for exploring the world, and it’s fun to boot. Your nature-loving kiddo can use it to examine plants, insects, and all kinds of other objects up close.

Backyard Flashlight

This backyard flashlight is great to bundle with other tools that your kiddo will need to hike and explore the great outdoors.

Nature Walk Journal

This is the neatest nature walk journal! It is full of illustrations, activities and notes pages. It is perfect to take on hikes and walks through nature.

Drawing Nature for the Absolute Beginner: A Clear & Easy Guide to Drawing Landscapes & Nature

Do you have an outdoorsy kid who loves to draw what they experience on their hikes and nature walks? This is the perfect gift for them! This beginner guide to drawing nature and landscapes will intrigue budding artists and nature lovers.


Learning Games for Outdoorsy Kids

Ocean Bingo Board Game

Ocean Bingo Board Game is a fun and educational gift for kids who love the sea. It will teach them about the different creatures that live in the ocean and provide hours of fun.

Wildlife Bingo Board Game

Does your child love all of the animals in the wild? Gift them the Wildlife Bingo Board Game and they can learn while they play.

Bird Bingo Board Game

This is another adorable bingo game, this time bird-themed. Any child who loves birds, will adore this game they can play while taking a break from the great outdoors.

Nature Bingo Board Game

This Bingo game is aimed toward kids 8 and up. It helps them learn vocabulary words and terms used in nature.

Nature’s Food Chain Game

The Nature’s Food Chain Game is great for groups of kids who love the outdoors. They will learn how animals within an ecosystem depend on each other for food.




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