When I first became a mom, I had a few different hobbies that I loved.  Even with a baby, I could still find the time and energy to swim during nap time.  I could run with my baby in the jogging stroller and could even find that last little bit of energy to do some basic crafting.  I scoffed at the idea that I would ever have to deliberately scour through a list of hobbies for moms.

After baby number two, my time dwindled down and I no longer had the time to run or swim or craft.  Quite honestly, I had no desire to do much of anything, besides take care of my kids and fall into bed each night.

As my kids got older, I realized that I felt empty.  I was missing something and I couldn’t figure out what it was.

Then, I realized that I needed a mom hobby.  Something that I could be passionate about.  Something that I could do while I stayed at home with my kids.

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60 Hobbies for Moms

Why is it important to have a hobby as a mom?

When you become a mom, it is exciting and overwhelming!  You pour you heart and soul into taking care of your little human beings, and that’s how it should be.

But, eventually there comes a time when you long for an activity you can call your own.

Hobbies for moms are important because they:

1 |  Stimulate your brain.

I’m not saying that raising kids doesn’t stimulate your brain.  There is a lot to think about and orchestrate when you are a mom!

But, mom hobbies are activities that can really get you thinking and creating.  Maybe you’re learning to play an instrument, or maybe you are creating a quilt.

Whatever your hobby is, use it to get your brain juices flowing!

2| Give you an identity beyond mom.

It’s totally normal and expected to lose a bit of your identity when you become a mom.   And it’s not a bad thing.  It’s just part of the deal.

Having a hobby can help you feel more like an individual and that in itself can be a huge help to acing the mom life!

While being a mom is an amazing journey, you still need to have things that you can call your own.  Everyone, including moms, need hobbies that they can enjoy.

hobbies for moms intentional time planner pack for moms

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3| Teach your kids something.

Your kids can learn from your mom hobbies also!  When I was little, my mom was a singer and taught me how to sing also.  I still love singing to this day, and have passed down this love to my daughter and son!

You can pass down your expertise to your own kids.  Maybe you kayak with your 5-year-old, or read on the couch with your 12-year-old.  Not only are you bonding with them, but teaching them the ropes as you go!

Whatever your hobby is, you can inspire your kids to learn what you are doing, or find a love of their own!

Hobbies for Moms

4 | Help you fill your cup.  

I find that when I have done something for myself, I am a better mom.  I know that sound selfish, but moms, hear me out.

It is not selfish to have a hobby that you enjoy.  Yes, kids are an amazing gift and I am the first to admit that I obsess over all.things.kids.  That is how we are wired as moms.

But when that is what I do, day-in and day-out, and I spend zero time on something that I enjoy (besides my kids–’cause I enjoy them too!), I get burned out.  I get burned out FAST.

Fill your cup with your mom hobbies (or hobby).  Do something that you enjoy so you can trickle down your happiness to your kids.  I promise, it’s worth it!

5 | Can bring in a side income.

A lot of times a hobby can become something that makes money!  When you are passionate about something, you can certainly bring in a side income by selling what you make, giving lessons to other people and/or flipping what you buy.

It does take some time and thought to turn a hobby into a side hustle, but it can be a good amount, if you are willing to work at it!

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Here is a list of sixty hobbies for moms that I have compiled with the help of some of my mom friends!

Artistic Hobbies








Chalk Pastel Painting



Chalk painting furniture



Felt Needling




Soap making

Candle making





Weight Lifting


Salsa Dancing




Exploring your city









hobbies for moms


Buying/Selling items (Flipping)

Sellling on eBay

Selling on Etsy

Money investments




Song writing

Playing an instrument

Learning a new instrument

In the Kitchen

Trying PInterest recipes

Cake artistry




Mental Exercise



Learning a new language


Graphic design


Digi Scrapbooking




Writing short stories

Writing poetry


Bullet Journaling

Final thoughts on hobbies for moms.

The hobbies you can have as a mom are endless!  Of course, your hobbies will change and morph as you have more kids, and as your kids grow older.

Take some time to reflect and figure out what is doable as a mom.  Think about what hobbies you loved before becoming a mom, and how you can implement them now that you have kids.  Moms, banish the guilt and go for it!

Do you have a mom hobby?  What is it?  Share in the comments below!