One of my favorite things about homeschooling is that my kids get to have an infinite amount of exercise. We have several homeschool PE ideas that we do as we wish. We don’t really label it as PE, we just call it “fun”.

Making sure kids are physically active is more important than ever, especially in the age of screens, (upon screens, upon screens).

But, homeschool PE shouldn’t feel like a chore.  Find what you and your kids love, and go for it.

In our state, we don’t have to clock hours for homeschool PE, but if your state requires it, these are some great ways to get your kids active and fit in your PE requirements.

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Here are a few of our favorite homeschool PE ideas (and check out some more ideas from other fellow homeschool bloggers at the bottom of the post!!):

Our Favorite Outdoor PE Ideas for Homeschool:

| 1 | Bicycle riding

It doesn’t get much more fun than riding bikes. Biking is such a great way for kids to build strength, balance and confidence.  Not only that, but it is also a great family activity that everyone can enjoy together.

Don’t forget a helmet and some knee and elbow pads for safety!

| 2 | Hopscotch

You can’t go wrong with hopscotch as a homeschool pe idea! This oldie, but goodie, is a fun game for kids of all ages.

homeschool pe ideas hopscotch

Fill up the squares with whatever you’re working on, and your kids can practice their numbers, letters, sight words or math problems as they jump across.

We use this sidewalk chalk on our back porch and the kids jump to their hearts’ content!

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| 3 | Hiking and Nature Walks

Don’t ever underestimate the benefits of a walk outside! Sometimes the best homeschool PE for us is simply walking outside together, hunting for bugs or animal tracks.

To spice things up a little on our nature walks, I created this ebook: 25 Simple and Fun Nature Walk Activities for Kids.  Your kids will enjoy the variety of activities they can do on their hike and walks outside.

Science and PE combined? YES, please!

Our Favorite Homeschool PE Ideas for Indoors

| 1 | Trampoline Time

While I know that there are risks when kids jump on trampolines, there are also great benefits.

We have a small rebounding trampoline and large trampoline, and the kids love to use them.

The smaller trampoline is nice because it can be used indoors, but if you have space for a large one outside, those are great also.

You can read more about the benefits of rebounding on a trampoline here.

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| 2 | Yoga

I first found Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube when my kids were toddlers. They loved to sit on their yoga mats and follow along with the fun stories on t.v.

Now that my kids are older, they still enjoy yoga, and we are able to do more together. It’s great for stretching out your body, building core strength and balancing yourself out, mentally.

Now my kids even search Google for 2-person yoga poses and challenge themselves to hold the poses with each other.

We have these yoga mats, and we love them…especially since they come in a variety of colors!

| 3 | Indoor Air Soccer

I found this fun indoor air soccer game on Amazon! It is a great way to still get in physical activity, even if it’s freezing cold OR boiling hot outside!

This is a sure-fire way to keep homeschool PE going, no matter what.

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