In today’s interview, I’m talking to Sarah K. Ramsey, a very successful toxic relationship recovery specialist, on how to identify if your teen is in a toxic relationship.  We talk about Sarah’s unique story and how she got started with her line of work.

We also chat about:

  • The role self esteem has in teens who find themselves in toxic relationships.
  • How to know if your kids are in danger.
  • How to talk to our kids about toxic relationships.
  • What toxic relationships look like when it comes to teen friendships.
  • What role our own toxic relationships play in our teens.
  • How to heal from our own toxic relationships.

You can follow Sarah on Facebook and Instagram for more of her fabulous insight.  Also, you can join Sarah’s free Facebook group, Finding Love and Success After a Toxic Relationship for more support.

Sarah also offers a free webinar: 3 Inside Secrets High Achieving Women Use to Become Toxic Person Proof


is my teen in a toxic relationship

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is my teen in a toxic relationship