Being a homeschool mom means you’re juggling a lot of things.

Between feeding and clothing kids, educating them, carting kids to extra activities, trying to get on top of housework plus making sure you don’t lose yourself in all the chaos– it gets crazy!

And then your kiddo mentions that he wants to learn to breakdance. Ummmm… how are we going to squeeze in one more activity?

Cue YouDance, the on-demand dance class site that’s fun, totally safe for kids and oh-so informative.

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I was compensated for my time for this review, but all opinions are my honest feedback.

About The Online Dance Class Hot Spot was created by a homeschool mama, Courtney, who is a dancer herself.

She wanted to pass her love of dancing along to her kids.

When she couldn’t find a wholesome place online for dance lessons for her own kids, she created, an amazing platform with THOUSANDS of dance videos.

The dance videos come in different difficulty levels and include several genres of dance. logo

Using Your Subscription to is a comprehensive assortment of dance instruction videos that gets kids moving and gives homeschool moms a chance to catch their breath!

 A subscription to YouDance is $25/month or discounted at $180/year, with a free trial automatically applied to all who sign up.

That’s a far cry from dance studio class prices!

When I logged in for the first time, I couldn’t believe how many options there were to choose from.

Honestly, first I was a little overwhelmed by all of the choices, but I really like the organization of the site and how easy it is for my kids to choose what they want to work on.

We unschool at our house, so having things that interest my kids is key to a successful learning environment where they can pursue their passions.

Kids can choose from a list of specific dance styles to get started, or they can choose specific courses.

In our case, we went straight to hip hop for my son. And I jumped right in there with him!

Categories for dance styles include:

✔ Ballet
✔ Clogging
✔ Jazz
✔ Hip Hop
✔ Contemporary
✔ Kids Dance Along

Structured Dance Courses

If your kids want to get into the structured classes, they can choose from full dance courses that range in learning levels from “the basics” to “novice”, and cover the span of the above dance categories.

This feature is neat because if your child is already an experienced dancer, there is still a lesson for him or her!

My kids enjoyed the step-by-step dance instruction in the dance courses and thought the intermittent quizzes were really fun as well. (They actually argued over who would answer the next question.)

As your children go through the quizzes, they earn points.

youdance on demand dance classkids doing quizzes on computer

Completing dances will also earn points.

As a homeschool mom, who is busy balancing all.the.things, I liked knowing that my kids were making progress, and being quizzed.

I don’t have to hover over my kids to check on the lessons since the quizzes keep them on par.

The quiz feature is also a great way for your kids to monitor their own progress and understanding of the lessons.

Follow Alongs

The “Follow Alongs” section of is a great place for kids to check out different types of dance styles, and simply follow along with the instructor.

My son’s favorite “Follow Along” is the “Kids Intro to Hip Hop”, where the instructor breaks down the beginning steps of hip hop in simple terms.

And for mamas like me who are looking to have fun, while getting in shape, you might sneak in some of your own time with the “Dance for Exercise” videos!


Choreography Classes

Another really fun section of is the section for “Choreography Classes”.

Each video is titled with a popular song that is choreographed with different dance styles.

The instructors walk through each dance, with the music, step-by-step.

These are so fun to learn! I enjoyed popping in to check on my kids to see how far they had gotten!

From “Dance Monkey” to “Uptown Funk” and many, many more fun choreographed songs, this section was a favorite in our household.

The Top 3 Reasons Why I Love

There are A TON of reasons why a subscription to is well worth it.

Here are my top three reasons why you should grab a subscription to for your kiddos:

✔ YouDance is a great, safe place for kids to learn a new skill.

Your kids aren’t going to see any questionable ads, like YouTube often shows in the middle of videos. is a safe environment that ONLY shows their dance content and nothing else.

youdance on demand dance classpicture of computer screen

✔ Kids are able to do it on their own, giving busy homeschooling parents a break in the day. gives your child the ability to learn dance independently.

The videos and quizzes are straight forward and there is no need for parents, unless your child needs help reading words on the quizzes.

✔ It’s affordable, especially considering the vast amount of class choices.

In-person dance classes are PRICY! If your kiddo is just getting into dance, this is a great way to start out.

The quantity and quality of dance classes in the subscription to are worth every penny of the monthly or yearly membership cost, and you get a free trial to boot!.

Final Thoughts on a Subscription to

Overall, YouDance is an amazing website. You will not going to regret getting a subscription for your tiny dancers.

My kids are skeptical about a lot of new things we try in homeschooling, and this was something that they enjoyed.

There were lots of laughs and fun memories made, plus they learned new skills that they didn’t even have to leave the house for!

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