When it comes to our unschooling journey, the question I get asked the most is how my kids learn certain subjects and how I track my kids’ progress.  This question comes up a lot in the area of math. Parents are concerned about their kids’ math skills and I totally get that.

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When I learned about Splash Math for Homeschoolers, it could not have come at a more perfect time.  Although we do a lot of real life learning as unschoolers, my kids have also requested some program-based learning to practice their mental math.

I knew that my kids were going to love the online approach to learning math that Splash Math provides for homeschoolers.  I also had a strong suspicion I would love the parent features the membership comes with, including the ability to track learning.  

Splash Math Online Learning Program for Homeschoolers

What is Splash Math and How Does it Work?

Splash Math for Homeschoolers is an online math practice program for kids, grades Kindergarten through 5th grade.  Not only do kids get to practice their math skills, but they earn coins for completing math practice problems.

With the coins, the kids are able to play math games, that include buying different worlds, animals for the jungle and/or aquarium and activities for the animals.  My kids LOVE this part!

Splash Math Online Program for Homeschoolers

When you sign up for Splash Math, you can have free access to use the math practice, as well as games.  If you would like to upgrade your account, you can add more than one child and keep track of all of your children in your own parent dashboard.

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How Splash Math Online Program Will Help You Homeschool

Like most homeschool moms, I am always on the hunt for something that will engage my kids, help them learn and allow me to see what areas they struggle in.  Splash Math for Homeschoolers covers all of those areas.

Splash Math for Homeschoolers will help you homeschool by giving your kids a fun way to practice math, while giving you a detailed report on their successes and areas of weakness.  The Splash Math program will adapt to your child’s level of ability, therefore making the learning individualized to your child’s needs.

Splash Math Online Program for Homeschoolers

As unschoolers, we come up with learning goals with our kids.  We believe this is an integral part of being successful in life.  In the parent dashboard of Splash Math, you and your kids can set their weekly goals and then reflect back to see what they have accomplished and what needs work.  

Splash Math Online Games for Homeschoolers

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What My Kids Love About Splash Math

  • The math games, (especially the aquarium) give a fun break from the math practice.
  • Earning coins give incentive to continue the math practice problems.
  • My kids are able to see progress and track what math area they have mastered.
Splash Math Online Math Game

As a parent, I love these things about Splash Math for Homeschoolers:

  • Family package option so you can add more than one child to your Splash Math account.
  • Ability to set goals with your kids so they can practice their math weekly.
  • Ability to review time spent on Splash Math, accuracy of problems completed and what skills have been mastered.
  • Engaging math practice and math games that make learning math fun and appealing. (My daughter invited my husband to watch her aquarium fish dance and they were both so entertained by it!)
  • An adaptive algorithm so the practice and learning is unique to your child.
Splash Math Online Math Program for Homeschoolers is a comprehensive program for grades K-5.  Find out how we use this program to unschool and how you can get your free trial!

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Pricing for Splash Math

Depending on what your need is, there are different levels of membership for Splash Math. If you love the free trial and want to buy a membership (I highly recommend, especially if you have more than one child!), then the membership levels and prices can be found below.

Splash Math Online Math Program for Homeschoolers

Get Connected with Splash Math

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Final Thoughts on Splash Math

Whether you are a traditional homeschooler, with a laid out curriculum, or an unschooling family, like us, Splash Math is an excellent resource.

From the math practice, to the games, to the parent dashboard and reports, Splash Math for Homeschoolers provides kids with an engaging way to learn their math to take into the real world.

Visit Splash Math to start your FREE trial and see how you like it!