Unschooling Secrets: A Parent’s Guide to Success Ebook




Are you already in the trenches of unschooling, or just dipping your toes in to see if it’s the right fit for your family?

Maybe you’ve heard about unschooling and want to learn more about this “mysterious” way of learning that people rave about.

Whatever the case may be, the “Unschooling Secrets” ebook will help you learn about unschooling, and stay on the right track.

“Unschooling Secrets:  A Parent’s Guide to Success”  is an easy-reading, 30+ pages of information to help you get the most out of your unschooling journey.  

Inside you will find:  

  • A no fluff, basic way to understand the philosophy of unschooling.
  • The secret keys to unschooling success.
  • How unschooling does NOT mean unparenting.
  • Easy tips to find and support your child’s interests.
  • What to do when it seems like your child does not have any interests.
  • Examples and stories of unschooling at its best.




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