If there is one thing I know about kids, it’s that they love having fun.  Not only do they love having fun, but they love to learn AND have fun at the same time.  That’s why I started a hunt for science games.

My kids love all things science (there is literally a science experiment every.single.day. at our house), but I wanted to add in some fun by ordering science games that they could play and see even more science come to life.

science games for kids

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Check out these fun and affordable science games for kids:

| 1 | Kluster magnet game

This game is brilliant.  Not only does it teach about magnetic force, but it is a ton of fun.  Kids of all ages can play, as the instructions are super simple and the game goes quickly,

| 2 | Brain Games Kids 

Brain Games Kids is based on the National Geographic TV series, Brain Games.  The game tests the players’  logic, language, vision, and physical coordination.  Players work in teams to answer the challenge card they select.  This is an awesome game for family night, or any group of friends!

| 3 | Think Fun Rush Hour Traffic Logic Game 

Rush Hour Jr. is a great game, for kids 5 and up, that incorporates STEM learning with a whole lot of fun.  The game comes with challenge cards and there are different levels of challenges that can be completed.  What I love most about this game is that it’s easy to learn, so even the youngest players can take part and have fun.

| 4 | The Genius Square 

It’s no wonder this game has been nominated for “Game of the Year”.  Similar to Tetris, this game is all about problem solving.  Roll the dice and then it’s game on to see who can fill the spaces the fastest!

| 5 | Go Find It 

This is a super simple game that kids absolutely love.  Use the cards to send your kids on a scavenger hunt and see what they come up with.  Since the cards have drawings on them, even younger children will understand what they are supposed to be looking for.

| 6 | Camp Board Game 

This game was the winner of Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products, and for good reason.  The Camp board game is versatile science game that a family with different ages of children can play together.  The cards have questions for any age, so even the youngest kids can play, and it’s not too immature of a game for older kids. Win!

| 7 | Match a Track 

What a great way to educate kids on animal tracks!  With 25 tracks and animals to match together, this card game is simple, yet fun, for all ages.

| 8 | Life on Earth Memory Game

Life on Earth Memory Game is another award-winning game that is an amazing game.  The cards are durable and beautifully illustrated.  Your kids will love this classic memory game, using all things earth.

| 9 | Rock On Geology Game

This fun and easy game is a hit with most kids.  Similar to a BINGO game, the cards have the different rocks on them, and players must match the actual rock to the card.   There is so much learning to be had.  And, if your kids want to take it to a friend’s house, they can!  The carrying case makes the game easily portable.

| 10 | BrainBox for Kids – Nature Card Game

The name of this game is seeing how much the players can remember.  The cards come with facts and pictures and the players must memorize as many facts about nature as they can.  The box comes with 70 cards to play with.

| 11 | Rock Bingo Game

This game is suggested for kids starting in grade 5.  The cards are all full-color and describe the properties of the rocks.  NOt only can they be used for this BINGO game, but also for studying independently.  This set comes with review cards, BINGO cards, a teacher’s guide and markers!  What a steal!