Is your child whining, yelling or tantruming?  This is a common behavior in children and it can be so disheartening and frustrating for parents.  But fear not!  Today we are talking to Jocelyn Wood, a speech language pathologist, and she is going to fill us in on how we can help our children communicate without the whining, yelling and tantruming.

In this episode we talk about: 

* How language development impacts child behavior. 

*Typical behavior issues related to language development?  

* Jocelyn’s advice for parents who struggle with their child’s tantruming, whining and yelling.

* How parents can support their children with language development…  In infancy,  toddlerhood and school-aged children.  

You can check out Jocelyn’s new course here:  Tiny Talker Toolkit Course

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Whining, yelling, tantruming communicating with your kids

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